Thanks to all your support, the Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 launch party held last Saturday, Jan. 14 was loads of fun and people from afar joined in on the action via livestream video feed, chatting away with fellow fans on the message board! You can check out the pics of the prize winners here. Once again, we send our sincerest gratitude to the Ooples Apparel staff for organizing this glorious event and those who participated!!

Just wanted to remind everyone that a Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 launch party will be held at the Ooples Apparel store in San Antonio, TX. This epic event starts at 3:00 pm CST tomorrow, Saturday Jan. 14th so if you’re in the vicinity, check it out! For all you who can’t make it, don’t despair because the wonderful staff at Ooples are going to be streaming everything live via webcast!!

It’ll be full of awesome prizes and entertaining contests so make sure you stop by or join the fun at the Ooples livestream channel. Also, don’t forget to pick up your copy of VHD6 at AKADOT, while they’re still in stock, and at EMANGA!!


Only 3 days left on the limited time free streaming of Vampire Hunter D Vol. 1-5 at eManga. If you haven’t had the chance to visit, hurry! Offer ends SOON!!

Also, don’t forget, Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 is now available at Akadot & eManga as well so make sure you check them out!

Immerse yourself in the adventures of this epic series!!

We are on a VHD high! Yeah, baby, yeah!! And don’t forget, VHD6 is now available at both AKADOT & EMANGA. Don’t miss out on the epic Vampire butt-kicking action!!

DMI and Ooples Apparel will be holding a full-on party to commemorate the launch of Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 at the Ooples store in San Antonio, TX! There will be a ton of fun events and contests, with amazing prizes totaling a value of $400. On top of that, you’re automatically entered into the super-special raffle drawing if you RSVP. It’ll be a blast so if you live in the vicinity, don’t be tardy for the party!! You can RSVP & find more information about this epic event here.

Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 now available! Pick up a hard copy at AKADOT or go digital with EMANGA!!


FREE streaming of Vampire Hunter D Vol. 1-5 at eManga available only until Jan. 8, 2012 so DON’T MISS IT!!


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Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 is now available at eManga! Don’t Miss it!!